Our Story


In 1997, Admissions Academy innovated the integration of three key college preparatory services under one roof: independent college counseling, standardized test preparation, and academic tutoring. Our founders recognized a need within the community for a comprehensive college resource and strived to meet those needs by creating an organization based on quality and excellence in education.

Today, we have established ourselves as a community fixture, serving a diverse group of college-bound teens. Our dedicated counselors and instructors work closely with each other and with our students to develop meaningful, supportive relationships as we help families navigate the path to higher education.

Our Values

Our mission is to guide each of our students toward successful completion of the college preparation and application process. In pursuit of this mission, each of our programs is based on a core set of values:


Every student is unique. All of our services are centered around building personal relationships that help us get to know each student individually. We establish trust to gain valuable insights and provide authentic advice.


College involves the entire family. Parents have many questions and concerns as college approaches, and we appreciate their needs. Frequent communication keeps everyone updated, knowledgeable, and on the same page.


The student owns the process. While others play important roles on the road to college, responsibility for completing the journey, from selecting schools to writing essays, ultimately rests with the student.


We are a community resource. We offer our expertise and guidance via college admissions seminars and complimentary college planning appointments. Our goal is to dispel myths and foster genuine understanding.

Competitive Edge

The most important factors in college admissions are already in effect well before senior year. Freshman and sophomore years are critical times for students to establish strong academic and extracurricular profiles, and junior year is of pivotal importance in showcasing intellectual development and participation in meaningful activities. Through strategic one-on-one sessions, our professional counselors guide students to explore their interests and abilities, make the most of their opportunities and experiences, and craft compelling stories. Hourly consultations are precisely targeted in order to empower students and help them gain the Competitive Edge they need to navigate high school successfully.

Admissions Advantage

Junior and senior years are the most critical for college admissions preparation. In fact, students become “Admission Academy Seniors” during spring of their junior year in high school, as we embark on the process of learning about, applying to, and preparing for college. Students benefit from this highly personalized, comprehensive, one-on-one program designed to address all college admissions goals.

Admission Academy has identified the key steps that comprise the college admissions process. The Admissions Advantage Program strategically addresses each of these areas with students in their junior and senior years of high school.

  • Developing Study Skills & Academic Plans
  • Planning for Standardized Tests
  • Developing Extracurricular Activities
  • Discovering Summer Opportunities
  • Selecting Colleges
  • Obtaining Teacher Recommendations
  • Writing Winning Essays
  • Acing College Interviews
  • Applying for Financial Aid
  • Preparing for College Life


Our Profiles


Katherine Chi – Director
Kathy is a Stanford graduate and a former admissions officer for Santa Clara University. In addition to visiting high schools and interviewing prospective students, she served on the admissions committee and reviewed hundreds of applications each year. Kathy worked alongside the Admissions Academy founders as the Director of Counseling to create an innovative, supportive, and authentic approach to college counseling.

Now the Director and owner of Admissions Academy, she uses her extensive knowledge of college admissions to help students from all over the Bay Area and beyond. Kathy is a member of WACAC and HECA and maintains active involvement in the field of college counseling at the local and national level.


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